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Ghanaian Food in Driving Distance

After interviewing Habiba from Wa, Ghana (see video here), I got to thinking that I should try cooking some of the dishes that she talked about. I searched for Banku and TZ recipes and then started searching for markets in the DC area that would have some of the ingredients.

I then decided to cut to the chase and just search for a restaurant that had these dishes on their menu. I was fortunate to find that Rahama African Restaurant in Silver Spring, MD (11454 Cherry Hill Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904, (240) 452-0155) served these dishes. Twenty-five minutes later I was not only tasting Banku and TZ but having a great conversation with Kristabell who was excited to share the foods and drinks that represent Ghana.

Check out the food and conversation I had at Rahama African Restaurant by watching this video.

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