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Filming the Process

I have hours of footage from previous interviews that I am slowly working through. I love it. I am also balancing trying to have longform interesting conversations meet my daily schedule of posting stuff from all over the world. Part of the split in my approach to this project is that I am trying to balance quality and quantity.

Quantity matters since the more you post the more credibility you can build and the more your audience can learn to expect your work. At least that is what I think right now.

Quality matters because let's face it. If my posts suck and are not interesting, why would someone want to listen to me?

The tricky part is figuring out how to balance good quality work on a consistent basis? I don't have an answer to this. I do know that I am trying to figure it out.

What I have learned is that I don't invite folks into my process, to share what I am experiencing. And I should. I love listening to different radio stations and getting to know and appreciate new musicians (at least new to me). I also love that feeling of landing in a new place for the first time and trying to make sense of what the place is like. The best part is when I come across something that blows my mind and helps me see something new about life here on Earth. It could be as simple as the fact that there is aquabike gym in Dakar where you can have an underwater spin class...or the fact that there are mud volcanoes near Baku, Azerbaijan that constantly spew fresh mud like a lava flow. The world is full of cool, quirky things that bring a fresh understanding of our shared experience.

So I am going to try documenting my process by filming my exploration sessions so that I can share my enthusiasm of finding a table tennis club in Italy or a skatepark in Nairobi or beautiful murals in Hong Kong. Or also the joy of finding the Niple Center automotive shop in Bolivia or Gasy Mofo in Madagascar. The world indeed is a fun and great place to explore and I love it.

So the thought of filming myself actually doing my Streetview Vagabond work seems ridiculous but I am taking some advice from Gary Vee with his motto of Document Don't Create. He basically says, you are better off spending time sharing what you love to do and being open to the process that makes you better over time...but you can't improve unless you do the work.

I know this project will evolve, but the truth is that I don't know how it will evolve. But I am willing to document the process so I can learn from it over time.

So this starts by filming a 25 minute session of exploring a town and learning about what makes that place unique. I will post it on YouTube unedited to show the work that I am doing regularly. Let's see how this goes!

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