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The Streetview Gameshow

What happens when you ask locals to identify photos of their own hometown taken from Google's Street View?

A lot of unanswered emails! 

But it's a rollicking good time when they finally agree to play the Streetview Gameshow!


We take screenshots of interesting places, crop them into challenging visual puzzles and then have locals compete with each other to see who can identify the place first.

Watch the first five episodes to enjoy these quirky gems: 

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Daily Quizzes on IG Stories

Like learning about the world? Or more importantly, like getting that knowledge tested daily? You're in luck! 

A "Question of the Day" is released on Instagram stories every weekday! Winners are acknowledged and celebrated the following day. 

It's your opportunity to use that social media account for good: beating your friends and then gloating about it! 

Weekly Destinations & Daily Nuggets

Life is an adventure! What better way to explore this wide world than by sitting at home on a desktop scrolling through Google Street View! Well guess what? We make that ridiculously easy task even easier for you!


Streetview Vagabond picks a location for a week, scours every street and brings you the best, quirkiest, funniest and sometimes insightful finds right to your social media feed daily. You'll get a deeper appreciation for the featured destination AND a quiver of useless facts to deploy at your next pub quiz. 

Here's what you can expect: 

Second hand shop Alice Springs Australia.png

Reach Out and Connect 

If you like what you see here or want to help his project continue to grow and expand, drop me a line! 

Thanks for submitting!

"That's what I do, I creep people out around the world." (3:40)
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"I am not a lady that can handle spice. The sweat will be dripping." (9:15)

GYAFF Podcast

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